Whether you are a buyer, seller, or a professional service provider - your investment in ATEC facilitates competitive advantage and creates commercial connections between buyers and sellers.

The National Board has nominated the following four goals to guide the development and delivery of member benefits & services over the next twelve months. For a full list of member benefits, click here.


To provide leadership as a peak industry body by engaging the ATEC member community in establishing and promoting initiatives and opportunities which facilitate industry growth.  


To deliver a competitive advantage for members by providing a range of unique business to business connections which facilitate commercial opportunity.


To provide a platform for business improvement through education and mentoring


To actively represent the membership on opportunities which deliver growth and issues which erode profitability

ATEC membership is the vehicle for growing your inbound business.  ATEC is focused on engaging with its members to ensure our services are relevant, practical, commercially advantageous and timely.

We connect buyers and sellers.  Your commercial networks, whether you are a new business or a long-seasoned operator, are critical to your success.  Accessing new product and new, diverse distributors is the key to growth, sustainability and profitability.  ATEC gives you the opportunity to connect with more than 800 export-ready products and some 120 buyers, both online and offline. Our extensive range of events, workshops and familiarisations across the country provide you with that commercial opportunity.

Brand ATEC is the benchmark for professionalism and credibility. The ATEC membership criteria and Code of Business Practice have long been recognised as a benchmark standard for B2B tourism exporters.  

Access to information is also critical.  ATEC communicates regularly with its members on market issues, product development, policy challenges, business opportunities for members and global trends. We source information from key partners, agencies and stakeholders to ensure you have a concise summary of what's happening in the industry in one clear, comprehensive e-newsletter.

Flying the flag for tourism exports is a responsibility we take very seriously.  ATEC is your voice at all levels of government and we stand firm on the issues that affect our members' growth and profitability. ATEC remains vigilient on our core policy areas of visas, passenger processing, taxes and charges and access.

Grow your business | Build and maintain your commercial relationships | Keep abreast of industry development | Access education and mentoring opportunities that build a better business | Engage with the ATEC community