No matter how large or small your business, there is an ATEC membership category that suits you.  ATEC membership fees are designed so that they are affordable, scalable to business size, equitable and offer a valuable return on investment.

All fees listed below are inclusive of GST and are for an annual subscription. Fees throughout the financial year are pro-rated, depending on when you join.  Fees below are valid until 30 June 2020.

Major (20,000+ pax per annum):                     $4059.00 
Significant (501-19,999 pax per annum)           $2453.00
Associate (less than 500 pax per annum):       $1023.00


Major (50+ full-time staff or equivalent, more than 100,000 pax per annum):                      $4059.00
Significant (21-49 full time staff or equivalent and more than 5,000 pax per annum):           $2453.00
Associate (20 or less full time staff or equivalent AND less than 5,000 pax per annum):        $1023.00
Extra Location (property or location annexed to an existing Major or Significant Seller):        $572.00

Flat rate: $803.00